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BAISIK - Baby Bib - Vegan Leather

BAISIK - Baby Bib - Vegan Leather

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Adorable practicality, this Baby Bib Catcher will stylishly protect your bub from food and drink spills!

They are designed to catch and trap food with a front pocket, easy to clean, and roll up for easy storage and carry.Crafted from premium, double-sided vegan leather, this bib features a front pocket that catches and traps food spills. The tear-resistant button adjustments ensure a secure fit for growing bubs. The bib is waterproof, easy to clean, and can be rolled up for effortless storage and transportation.


Premium quality, soft vegan leather front, and flocked suede backing.
2 level, tear-resistant button adjustments.
Catches crumbs and food spills.
Easy to roll and carry.
Waterproof and can be cleaned in an instant with warm water, detergent, or a wet wipe.
Catches crumbs and food spills.

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