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A note from 3 Little Crowns...

Team 3LC

Established in 2015, 3 Little Crowns has been dedicated to providing a one-stop-shop for all new parents, grandparents and friends of expecting parents. We pride ourselves on the space we've created, nurtured and continually refined over the years. We aim to provide a place containing the hottest brands and bundled together all of your baby’s essentials from newborn baby clothing, baby blankets & swaddles, mealtime sets, baby skincare products and of course our very own range of Vegan leather baby accessories by 3 Little Crowns - The Label. 

What started off as a side hustle, riding a beach cruiser bicycle with a basket full of orders to the local post office a couple of times a week, has since grown into a family owned company with it's very own label, a growing team and a growing list of stockists around the globe that supports our brand. We are forever grateful for the large global audience we’ve captivated, continually engage with and that have shown us so much love from day one.
Thank you for visiting. 

Gemma, Gilles and our 3 Little Crowns - Tyler, Elijah and Oliver. x